Debian 10.10 ARM version does not install on Mac with Apple M1 chip

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On installing Debian 10.10 from the installation image the system fails to boot and offering to press ESC for boot options.


The issue in package shim is described in the following report on shim Git.

The patch for it is available on the respective Debian patches page.


There are currently several workarounds available:

 - Install Debian 10.9 and only afterward update the system to the most recent version.

 - On installing from 10.10 installation image select the option to configure virtual machine before installation and once you see its configuration, open Hardware > Boot Order tab > check Select Boot Device on Startup option.

select on startup

When you start the installation from the image, select Boot Maintenance Manager > select Boot From File and press Enter twice > EFI > boot > grubaa64.efi > follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

After the installation is complete, disable the Select Boot Device on Startup option.

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