Azure Virtual Desktop RDP Shortpath

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Starting from Parallels RAS version 18.1 we add support for Azure Virtual Desktop RDP Shortpath.

RDP Shortpath is a feature of Azure Virtual Desktop(Windows Virtual Desktop) that establishes a direct UDP-based transport between Remote Desktop Client and Session host.

RDP uses this transport to deliver Remote Desktop and RemoteApp while offering better reliability and consistent latency.

In order to enable this feature it should be configured in Parallels RAS and as well as on Microsoft Azure side.

1. Enable 'Use RDP Shortpath' check box in AVD host pool Properties-> Host pool settings. It could also be configured from Site Defaults.

Once enabled the following message with instructions for Windows configuration would appear:

The link brings us to Azure Network Security Group configuration.

More details about Azure Virtual Desktop RDP Shortpath could be found here.

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