Parallels RAS Console Plugins

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Plugins in the Parallels RAS Console are optional components that extend the Console capabilities and integrate with third-party software.
Plugins are distributed as separate MSI packages and installed on the machine where the RAS Console is running.

The Plugins screen allows you to select a plugin published by Parallels.

Open Remote Application Server Console > Tools > Plugins


On the opened window choose any avalible Plugin from the list and click Install:

It will download selected Plugin and install.

You can download, install, and update a plugin automatically from a single place.
Plugins can also be installed offline. The available plugins are listed as part of "Optional Server Components " on the Parallels website and in Parallels My Account.

If you have ideas of new plugins that would make your work in the Parallels RAS Console easier and more enjoyable, please let us know on the Parallels Forum

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