Why does a Windows show 256GB disk capacity while my Chromebook has only 128GB?

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While running a virtual machine on a Chromebook with a 128GB hard drive, Windows shows disk capacity to be 256GB.

Should I be worried about running out of available disk space on the Chromebook?


What is shown in Windows is the virtual capacity of the virtual machine's hard drive, and it does not reflect the capacity of your Chromebook's hard drive or the file size of the virtual machine. The default virtual hard drive capacity is set to 256GB simply because it is the value that best covers both 128 GB and 256 GB Chromebook configurations. 

Parallels Desktop utilizes expanding hard drives, meaning that regardless of the virtual size of its drive, the virtual machine file takes up only about as much space as the files inside it. And although eventually, the virtual machine may become so large that the Chromebook starts running of disk space, in such cases Chrome OS will notify users in advance.

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