Change virtual machine RAM in Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS Enterprise and Education Edition

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How to adjust the amount of RAM assigned to a virtual machine running in Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS Enterprise and Education Edition? 


To assign a custom RAM value to a virtual machine, open –°rosh and execute the following command:

 vmc adjust <vm_name> memsize <ram_value> 

Where <vm_name> stands for the virtual machine name, and <ram_value> – the new memory size in megabytes. Since the default virtual machine name is PvmDefault, a command to set RAM to 8Gb would look like this:

 vmc adjust PvmDefault memsize 8192

To switch back to the automatic assignment:

vmc adjust PvmDefault memsize auto

Note: this feature is available starting with Chrome OS 90, so if you are running an earlier version of Chrome OS, performing an update is required. 

If such a virtual machine, with a custom RAM assignment, is deployed to an end-user, Parallels Desktop will attempt to run it as is, but if the pre-defined amount or memory exceeds that of the user's total host RAM, Parallels Desktop will reduce the virtual machine memory assignment by 1 to 2 GB depending on the configuration.

Please note that assigning more than 50% of host RAM to a virtual machine may lead to host performance degradation.

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