A published application is failing to launch on the client PC without any errors

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[I 02/00000007/T40F4/P5304/S0008] 25-01-21 12:49:33 - RDP session ended [2][12] .
[T 02/0000003C/T40F4/P5304/S0008] 25-01-21 12:49:33 - End: disconnected 2


An app in question requires a lot of time to load (due to the configuration files or other dependencies). By default, RAS is logging off a session if the application did not load the UI within 25 seconds.


Increase the disconnection timeout from the default 25 seconds to 1 minute - right-click on an RDSH  in RAS Console > Set Publishing Session disconnection timeout to 1 minute.




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