High-level device redirection

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High-level device redirection was implemented in Microsoft RDP and now also is supported by Parallels RAS.

In this example, a web camera with microphone will be used for demonstration of required RDP Client configurations.

The following settings should be configured to redirect specific audio & video capturing device into remote session:

Devices listed in Device Manager on the remote computer will confirm that high-level device redirection is in use:

High-level device redirection allows switching default sound device on your local machine and use that change in existing remote session.

Parallels Client supports this feature starting from v18.

NOTE: In order to utilize high-level device redirection for video capturing devices (e.g. USB cameras) on Windows Server, it should have version 1803 at least,

which for the moment is available only starting from Windows Server 2019 but this may change in future.

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