Configuring Password Expiration Reminder

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Parallels RAS has the ability to automatically remind your Parallels RAS users to change their domain password when it nears the expiration date. To enable this functionality, select the Show password expiration reminder option. When it is enabled, a Parallels Client user whose password is about to expire will see a notification right after they connect to Parallels RAS. Note that the option is disabled by default. 


Required checkbox located in the RAS Console >Farm > Settings > Client Settings tab > "Show Password expiration reminder".



All further configuration should be applied to the Default Domain Policy GPO. RAS takes the number of days before expiration when a reminder must be shown, from the default domain GPO called “Interactive Logon: Prompt user to change the password before expiration” (Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Local Policies\Security Options.)

If this policy is not specified then the default value of 14 days is used.

Known Limitations

1. The feature works for AD user only, it is not implemented for non-AD users (f.e. for local users of PA host.)
2. This feature is disabled by default; you can enable it in the RAS console, in client settings.


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