Manual client registration fails with insufficient priviledges

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11-27 10:48:46.288 W /AzManWrap:23104:40ac/ Could not initialize client context from 'S-1-5-21-111111111111-11111111-11111111-11111111': 80070005 (Access is denied)
11-27 10:48:46.288 W /AuthzManager:23104:40ac/ Access is denied

Mac Client registration fails with the following error:

When registration is performed under Domain Admins member it works fine but when it is performed with a member of Domain Users group it fails.

Domain Users group is a member of Enrollers role:

NOTE: This article is applicable only if the above-mentioned symptoms are observed as explained or very similar.


Service account that is used for running Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy service does not have appropriate permissions when registration is attempted with account that is not a member of Windows Authorization Access Group (Active Directory group under Builtin OU):


Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy service account should be added to Windows Authorization Access Group.

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