Parallels Remote Application Server v18 Software Requirements

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RAS Publishing Agent and RAS Secure Client Gateway (64-bit versions only) 

RAS Publishing Agent and RAS Secure Client Gateway are supported on the following operating systems: 

Note: RAS Publishing Agent and RAS Secure Client Gateway should not be installed on a domain controller or any other machine where a DHCP server is running. This in general applies to any of the RAS components. 


RAS Web Administration Service 

Must be installed on the server where RAS Publishing Agent is running (same Windows Server version requirements). 

The following Windows Server versions must have the specified updates installed: 

Newer versions of Windows Server do not require any specific updates. 


RAS RD Session Host Agent 

RAS RD Session Host Agent is supported on the following operating systems: 


RAS VDI Agent / RAS Provider Agent 

For the list of supported VDI providers, see

RAS Guest Agent 


Remote PC Agent 


Parallels RAS PowerShell 


Parallels RAS Console 


RAS HTML5 Gateway 


RAS Enrollment Server 


Parallels Client 

Parallels Client is approved for the following operating systems (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported, where applicable): 


Parallels Client for Linux supports the following Linux distributions (x64 versions only): 

For a list of supported thin clients and supported hardware from Technology Partners such as Igel, HP, 10Zig, and more, please see the following KB article: Link



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