How to open Web links & Emails in macOS for Windows XP virtual machines

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Due to recent changes in macOS and Parallels Desktop, selecting default location (Mac or Windows) to open web links and emails now requires adjusting respective settings on macOS and Windows side.

For steps to make macOS to always open links in Windows (including Windows XP) as well as steps to make Windows 10 open links in macOS, please refer to KB 125092.

Steps to make Windows XP open links in macOS are outlined below.

Set Windows XP to Always Open Web Links in macOS

  1. Run the Windows XP virtual machine.
  2. Click Start > Control Center > Folder options.
  3. Open File types tab, select URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol, click Advanced > Edit.

  4. Uncheck Use DDE (if checked), and in Application used to perform action paste:

    "C:\Program Files\Parallels\Parallels Tools\SIA\SharedIntApp.exe"
  5. Click OK to save.

  6. Repeat steps for URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy (HTTPS).

Set Windows XP to Always Open Emails in macOS

Perform the steps 1-5 for URL:MailTo Protocol file type.


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