RAS installation commands and arguments

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Parallels Remote Application Server installer just as any other msi installer can be used with standard arguments for Windows installer and other command line options.

NOTE: Installation syntax mentioned in this article should be adjusted according to the actual name of the RAS msi installer. Its name may be different due to a different version of the installer or due to manual renaming.

Available Parameters

Parameter RAS Component
F_Controller Connection Broker
F_Agent RD Session Host Agent
F_Gateway Secure Gateway
F_PCAgent RemotePC Agent
F_GuestAgent Guest Agent
F_VDI Provider Agent
F_Console Console
F_PowerShell PowerShell Module
F_WebAdminService Web Administration Service
F_EnrollmentServer Enrollment Service
F_Broker Tenant Broker
F_SSO SSO Component


Installing the RAS Powershell Module silently

msiexec /i RASInstaller-*.msi ADDLOCAL=F_PowerShell /qn

NOTE: To use silent installation for RAS Powershell Module, Powershell execution policy must be set first.

Alternatively, it can be installed in basic UI mode which does not require setting an execution policy:

msiexec /i RASInstaller-*.msi ADDLOCAL=F_PowerShell /qb

Verbose logging during installation

msiexec /i RASInstaller-*.msi /qn /L*V install.log

NOTE: It will create an install.log file in the same directory where the installer is being executed unless the path is specified explicitly.

Silent installation of RAS Console

msiexec /i RASInstaller-*.msi ADDLOCAL=F_Console /qn

Silent installation of RAS PC Agent and RAS Console

msiexec /i RASInstaller-*.msi ADDLOCAL=F_PCAgent,F_Console /q

Installing RAS Console along with SSO component

The parameter F_SSO INSTALLSSO (available in RAS v17 onwards): Exclude/Include SSO during a silent installation

0 - Do not install SSO (default)

1 - Install SSO

msiexec /i RASInstaller-*.msi ADDLOCAL=F_Console,F_SSO INSTALLSSO=1 /l*v install.log /qn

Warning: Execution of this command will cause an IMMEDIATE reboot of the OS.

RAS SSO service requires the system's reboot. In the example below, we've added "/norestart" option to have an ability to save necessary changes and then manually restart the OS. RAS SSO functionality will start working after the reboot.

msiexec /i RASInstaller-*.msi ADDLOCAL=F_Console,F_SSO INSTALLSSO=1 /l*v install.log /qn /norestart


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