It's impossible to view FileVault 2 Disk Encryption report in SCCM

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It's impossible to view FileVault 2 Disk Encryption report in SCCM, error Cannot impersonate user for data source 'DataSource1'. (rsErrorImpersonatingUser) is thrown:


Please do the following to resolve the issue:

  1. Select FileVault 2 Disk Encryption report in the list of Reports in SCCM Console;
  2. Right click on the report and click Edit in the opened context menu;
  3. Wait for Report Builder to start;
  4. In opened FileVault 2 Disk Encryption - Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder: expand Data Sources node in Report Data pane (at the left);
  5. Right-click on DataSource1 and click Data Source Properties in the context menu:

  6. On General page of opened Data Source Properties: see which data source is selected. Looks like /ConfigMgr_T15/ {39B693BB-524B-47DF-9FDB-9000C3118E82}
  7. Click Browse... button:

  8. In opened Select Data Source: double click on /ConfigMgr_<site-code>/ and select another data source (looks like {5C6358F2-4BB6-4a1b-A16E-8D96795D8602}):

  9. Click Open button -> Select Data Source closed
  10. Ensure that just added data source selected in Data Source Properties dialog and click OK -> Data Source Properties dialog closed
  11. Click Save button and close the Report Builder:

Run the report again, now you will see the list of Macs and their FileVault 2 status:


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