HTML5 Auto-Login

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Unlike desktop clients, while using HTML5 it is required insert credentials upon each login. Auto-Login feature reduces the number of times a user is expected to enter password.


Auto-Login without user interaction will work only if the following conditions are met:
1. There is only one set of valid credentials already saved for the (including subdomains).
2. User has to click on Save when asked to save password from the browser after first user login (the following browser settings should be ON (by default they are on):
3. User confirms to reduce the time asked for credentials, i.e Auto login is enabled.
4. Not using Incognito mode - when using incognito and only one set of credentials are available, sign in pop still shows so auto-login cannot happen without the user’s intervention
5. Certificate must be valid (internal or public) and trusted.
6."Auto-Login" is supported on Chrome and Edge (chromium) only due to other browsers limitations. Other Chromium-based browsers will work only if they do support Credentials Management API


The setting resides at HTML5 Client Properties > Auto-Login







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