How to deploy settings for Basic Parallels Client silently

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The Basic Windows Client doesn't store its settings in System registry (as the full Client does) and isn't installed by MSI, so it requires another method for deploying its settings.

If you'd like to deploy settings to Basic Windows Client, please do the following:

1. Extract the Basic client somewhere on your PC (say C:\RASClient_Basic-x64-17.1.21792\);

2. Start AppServerClient.exe in that folder;

3. When prompted, add a new Connection:

4. Configure its settings like server name, connection mode, and others, not specifying the username and password and click OK:

5. Click Cancel in the next window:

6. You will see a new file named mysettings.xml in the folder:

7. It stores all the settings you've configured in the Client.

Now you may transfer mysettings.xml to another computer and place it in the folder where its Basic Client was extracted. Once the client is started, it will read settings from that file.

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