NIC teaming causes farm deactivation

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The following strings are found in the logs:

[E 56/00000007/T1094/P0D38] 29-02-19 00:11:27 - Invalid MAC address detected. License MAC address:
55-66-DA-77-CA-76, Current MAC address: 55-66-DA-77-CA-77
[E 07/00000015/T1094/P0D38] 29-02-19 00:11:27 - Failed to load license information. Error: 50

licensing log:
[I 0B/00000001/T3890/P347C/S0001] 29-02-19 00:11:27 - IP - (Mac 55-66-DA-77-CA-76)
[I 0B/00000001/T3890/P347C/S0001] 29-02-19 00:11:27 - IP - (Mac 55-66-DA-77-CA-77)


One of the parameters used for binding an activation to the specific machine is its MAC address, making the static MAC a requirement for the RAS licensing purposes.
Any manipulations with the MAC addresses are not recommended in order to avoid license deactivation as the MAC address is changed.

Please note that this is one of the reasons Remote Application Server does not support NIC teaming (or Load Balancing/Failover (LBFO)).
In the setups that use NIC teaming the MAC address alternates between the NIC cards in the team - primary NIC may be randomized after each reboot, thus resulting in the change to the MAC address of Team.


Use a static MAC address for the Parallels licensing server machine (Master Publishing Agent in Licensing Site).

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