Known issues with macOS 11 Big Sur and Parallels Desktop for Mac

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Parallels Engineering team is testing Parallels Desktop for Mac and other products against macOS Big Sur Beta to ensure full support of macOS Big Sur as soon as it is released.

Here is the list of known issues we are working on with the available workarounds that we have tested in our lab.

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Known issues

Issue Workaround
macOS Big Sur as a host operating system
 1  Parallels Desktop hangs when quit. Right-click on the Parallels Desktop icon in the Dock > Force quit.
 2   "Unable to load the Parallels Driver" when starting a VM after upgrading macOS to Big Sur 1. Quit Parallels Desktop. 2. Go to System Preferences > Security & PrivacyGeneral, then click Allow button and enable (re-enable) Parallels International GmbH kernel extension. Restart the Mac and start Parallels Desktop and virtual machine again.
 3 "Deleting snapshot..." window hangs on every snapshot deleting.
Right-click on the Parallels Desktop icon in the Dock while holding the Option key > Force quit.
 4 At the end of the installation, the latest Windows Insider Preview VM crashes after clicking on "VM is ready". Start the VM again.
 5 Cannot type certain symbols in VM (examples: 1, 2, T, Y, etc.) From the menu bar click Parallels Desktop icon (II) > Preferences > Shortcuts, then select the VM in question and click the plus button to create the corresponding shortcut for the necessary symbol. Repeat for each symbol that cannot be typed. 
 6 Parallels Tools are not automatically installed in a Boot Camp VM From the menu bar click Actions menu > Install Parallels Tools. Proceed with the installation and restart the VM to finish the process.
 7 VM crashes on Windows login No workaround yet.

After Parallels Tools reinstallation VM gets stuck in a black screen

No workaround yet.

Alternatively, from mac menu bar click Actions menu > Reset.

macOS Big Sur as a virtual machine
 1 Cannot upgrade the existing macOS VM to macOS Big Sur No workaround yet.
 2 Cannot install macOS Big Sur VM from .app file, Parallels Desktop fails to detect OS No workaround yet.
 3 Installation Assistant names the new macOS as 10.16 No workaround yet.
 4 Cannot install macOS Big Sur VM from Recovery No workaround yet.




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