Parallels Desktop support on Mac computers with M1 chip

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Does Parallels Desktop for Mac support Mac computers with the Apple M1 chip?


With macOS Big Sur and the new Mac computers with Apple M1 chip becoming available, we will continue to do more extensive evaluations, both in our lab and with your help via the Parallels Technical Preview Program. If you are interested in exploring the Preview Program, follow this link, register or sign into a Parallels account, and be among the first to try it. 

If you are not yet ready to purchase a new Mac with the Apple M1 chip, or participate in the Technical Preview Program, but would like to get all the latest news about Mac with Apple M1 chip supported by Parallels Desktop, please check this blog post to get all the latest news about Mac with Apple M1 chip support by Parallels Desktop.

You can also click Get updates button above to receive email notifications regarding the future releases of Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac computers with M1 chip.

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