IBCM link configuration fails due to certificate issues

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IBCM link configuration fails due to certificate issues.

pmm_ibcm_proxy.log has errors like this:
05-20 08:16:28.890 W /IbcmConnector:3432:6ec/ Unknown peer certificate 'Certificate {Subject: Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy; Issuer: Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy; Not Before: May 20 04:46:47 2017 GMT; Not After: May 18 04:46:47 2027 GMT; Serial Number: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:68:6d:bb:48:fd:f3:33:5b:39:a6:20; Sha1:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6466;}' (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6466)


PMM Proxy certificate wasn't imported on the IBCM server or not selected during the configuration of IBCM component.


Import PMM Proxy certificate to the IBCM server as described on page 43 of the Administrator's guide, re-run the IBCM Proxy Configuration Wizard and make sure to choose the right PMM Proxy certificate:

You may also check the certificate properties and make sure that its thumbprint matches the thumbprint of PARALLELS CONFIGRATION PROXY, SITECODE certificate in SCCM ConsoleAdministration Security Certificates:

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