How To: Use the keyboard shortcuts in Excel in a Windows virtual machine

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I'm using the keyboard shortcuts in the Microsoft Excel which involves using Shift, Ctrl or Alt. For some operations I need to release all the keys before using the next shortcut. How I can change settings to avoid releasing the keys?


There are a couple of reasons behind such behavior, it's either a virtual machine misconfiguration or incorrect Excel settings.

Checking virtual machine configuration

  1. Open the configuration of your virtual machine:

    • In window mode: when the virtual machine window in focus, in Mac menu click on Actions > Configure

    • In Coherence mode: click the Parallels tray icon in status bar > Configure...

  2. Switch to the Hardware tab > Mouse & Keyboard.

  3. Select Keyboard: Optimize for games:

  4. Try using the keyboard shortcuts in Excel.

Checking Excel configuration

  1. Go to File > then click Options at the left lower corner of the screen

  2. Select Advanced from the list of options and scroll down the list until you see Lotus compatibility item, then make sure that Transition navigation keys option isn't selected.

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