How to partly change RAS Policies and apply only to specific users

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There is a default policy configured in Parallels Remote Application Server Console > Policies.

Some users would like to have an experience that implies a different configuration of the same settings in the default policy.

Use Case Example

A user would prefer a remote browser to open links when the link is clicked in a published application like Microsoft Outlook,

instead of a local browser.

The default policy is configured to Redirect URLs to the client device:


Create a new policy by duplicating the existing default policy:

That will create another policy with the same name and number in brackets like Policy (1) in this example. After that, open properties for the new policy and remove the existing Users and Groups leaving only those that should have some policies altered:

Once the scope is adjusted, navigate to required settings and change them:

Click OK here and then move this policy to the first or upper position relatively to the default policy. This will make the newly created policy to be prioritized over the default policy for the specific users that were added to the scope:

This is how it is going to look:

Press Apply button in RAS Console or from File > Apply. Next time a user will reconnect via Parallels Client, a new policy will take place only for those users who demanded specific changes. And all other users will get the same default policy as before.


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