Mac compliance state for software update is unknown

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Sometimes Mac compliance state for software update is unknown even if locally you can see that it is required:


Normally the state will be updated based on Software updates scan schedule and Summarization schedule configured in SCCM.

To force the detection manually, please do the following:

1. Execute the following command in Terminal on the Mac:

/Library/Parallels/ scan-updates

Or change updates scan schedule (Administration Overview Client SettingsDefault Client SettingsSoftware
, change Software updates scan schedule) and force Mac client to download policies:

Give it about 5 minutes to clarify status of available software updates;

2. Run Software Updates Summarization (right click on All Software Updates in SCCM ConsoleSoftware Library Software Updates)

3. Wait for the summarization to complete.

Now the report displays the most up to date info:

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