Push installation of PMM agent fails with error code 10061

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You can't install Parallels® Mac Management for SCCM agent to Mac using the push method:

C:\Windows\Logs\pmm_clientpush.log has the following records:
12-11 05:30:17.780 T /SSHWrap:4248:974/ SSH connection to 'IP_address' finished with 10061:0, isClosing = 0
12-11 05:30:17.781 W /ClientPush:4248:974/ Host connection error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it (10061)


Remote login is disabled on the target Mac.


Please enable the Remote login on the target Mac:

  1. Open System preferences;
  2. Go to Sharing;
  3. Enable Remote login;
  4. (optional) Specify accounts that will be able to connect remotely. You will need to use one of these accounts for push installation.

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