Install Parallels Tools in Debian/Kali Linux

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I installed Debian/Kali Linux but cannot install Parallels Tools because I cannot start the installer.


Images (including ISO image with Parallels Tools installer) are always mounted read-only, they are like real CDs, and are not supposed to be written to.

However, on Debian, unlike most other systems, images are also mounted as non-executable by default due to security reasons. The same applies to Kali Linux distribution.


  1. Connect Parallels Tools image to Debian/Kali. From Mac top menu select Actions > (Re)Install Parallels Tools
  2. Double-click Parallels Tools image on Desktop to mount it.
  3. Open terminal emulator in Debian/Kali.
  4. Switch to root user and execute the following command to mount image as executable (where <user> is user name on this Debian system):
    mount -oro,exec,remount /media/<user>/Parallels\ Tools/
    executing command in terminal emulator
  5. Double-click install-gui in Parallels Tools folder to start installation of Parallels Tools. Enter Debian/Kali password when offered.
  6. When installation finishes, restart Debian/Kali.


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