Apply OS X Image step fails with error "Inner volume has snapshots" in the log

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The Apply OS X Image step fails. The pmm_tswizard.log file has the following entries:

mount_inner_volume:916: Inner volume has snapshots
APFS inverter failed to invert the volume - Invalid argument
XSTA fail
10-02 12:38:30.575 D /TsProcessors:457:307/ stderr:
10-02 12:38:30.639 D /TsExecutor:457:307/ Step 'Apply OS X Image' failed (Cannot restore image)


The macOS installation from which the image was captured had local Time Machine snapshots. See the following Apple article for more information.


Find out how many local snapshots exist:

sudo tmutil listlocalsnapshots /

The command above lists all available local snapshots, i.e.:

Delete each local snapshot based on the <snapshot_date>

sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2019-10-16-155637
tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2019-10-16-155744

Capture an image from the system.

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