How to create crash dump of Windows process

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In some of the cases (Parallels RAS processes or Parallels Client for Windows crash) full memory dump collected right after the crash may be requested for further investigation.
This article describes how to do it using ProcDump utility.

  1. Prepare ProcDump tool to collect dump:
    - Download ProcDump on the server in question.
    - Create a folder where dumps will be stored (e.g. C:\Dumps)
    - Unzip the archive and put the procdump.exe in to the created directory.
  2. Check if the process in question is running. If it is not, launch it manually or restart the corresponding system service (depending on the case);
  3. On the server open Elevated Command Prompt and switch to the folder where procdump.exe is located using the cd command, e.g. cd C:\Dumps
  4. Execute the following command: procdump -ma -e -t -w <PROCESS_NAME.EXE>
    -ma – option to write a full dump file;
    -e –  option to write a dump when the process encounters an unhandled exception;
    -t – option write a dump when the process terminates;
    <PROCESS_NAME.EXE>name of the crashing process, e.g. 2XController.exe
  5. The dump will be generated in the folder (e.g. C:\Dumps) once the process crashes. Compress the folder and upload it on Parallels FTP share using link provided by Parallels Support representative.

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