How to redirect Logitech USB Web Camera

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This article lists the pre-requisites for successful Logitech USB Web Camera redirection. Parallels RAS relies on RDP protocol, at this point all required settings must be configured in Microsoft GPOs on both client and server. The redirection was tested but not limited to the following devices:

Client Configuration

NOTE: By default, Parallels Client connection has devices redirection disabled. It should be enabled either manually or by using RAS policy:

The following GPOs needs to be applied on a client PC:


NOTE: In Windows 10 1803 and above and you may also need to configure this GPO:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Devices and Resource Redirection > set "Allow Video Capture Device Redirection" to "Enabled"

Server Configuration

The following GPOs needs to be applied on RD Session Host:

NOTE: On Windows Server 2016 and above Logitech webcam won't redirect until you apply this GPO:


Final Checks

Since Parallels RAS relies on RDP protocol, please first make sure that web camera redirection works over the native mstsc.exe client.



The GPOs above are the minimum required for the web camera's redirection. Please check Parallels RAS Best Practices  (from p. 27) to achieve optimal performance.


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