Manjaro LiveCD virtual machine shows black screen after boot

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When I boot Manjaro LiveCD virtual machine it shows black screen instead of GUI.

Xorg-logs show the following output:

[ 23.427] (II) VESA(0): initializing int10
[ 23.428] (EE) VESA(0): Cannot read int


When creating Linux virtual machine by default you have got VirtIO GPU and virtio_gpu.ko kernel module set (starting from kernel 4.2 v.), Manjaro uses MHWD utility to configure X-server which in this scenario causes DDX-driver modesetting_drv load failure.


You can fix this using one of the following methods.

Method 1

  1. Shut down Linux machine to be able to edit configuration settings.
  2. Find its .pvm bundle on the Mac.
  3. Right-click (double tap)  on .pvm bundle (virtual machine's file) > select Show Package Contents > right-click (double tap) on config.pvs file > select Open With >
  4. In the TextEdit window press CMD + F to get the access to the Search bar. 
  5. In the appeared Search bar type in Video dyn and hit Enter to get redirected to the correct set of settings.

  6. Change <Type> field to the opposite value (if it was configured as 0, replace with 1, and if it was configured as 1, replace with 0).
  7. Close the file and Save it to apply changes.
  8. Launch Linux virtual machine.

Method 2

  1. Launch Manjaro and open Command Line to change kernel startup parameters.

  2. Enter the following commands:



  3. Boot Manjaro from the main menu

Method 3

  1. Launch Manjaro and load to the point where you see black screen.
  2. On Mac menu bar find Parallels Desktop logo    > Devices > Keyboard > choose Ctrl+Alt+F2 from the list to open an additional virtual Terminal.

  3. Enter credentials for Manjaro, then proceed with the following command to remove the incorrect X-server config and DDX-driver vesafb:

    sudo mhwd -r pci video-vesa
  4. Return to the primary Terminal by going to on Mac menu bar find Parallels Desktop logo    > Devices > Keyboard > choose Ctrl+Alt+F1 this time.

    Wait for X-server to auto-restart, it may take several seconds.

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