Manjaro LiveCD virtual machine shows black screen after boot

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When I boot Manjaro LiveCD virtual machine it shows black screen instead of GUI.

Xorg-logs show the following output:

[ 23.427] (II) VESA(0): initializing int10
[ 23.428] (EE) VESA(0): Cannot read int


When creating Linux virtual machine by default you have got VirtIO GPU and virtio_gpu.ko kernel module set (starting from kernel 4.2 v.), Manjaro uses MHWD utility to configure X-server which in this scenario causes DDX-driver modesetting_drv load failure.


You can fix this using one of the following methods.

Method 1

  1. Shut down Linux machine to be able to edit configuration settings.
  2. Find its .pvm bundle on the Mac.
  3. Right click (double tap) on .pvm bundle > select Show Package Contents > right click (double tap) on config.pvs file > select Open With >

  4. In the opened TextEdit file press CMD + F to get the access to a Search bar. 
  5. In the appeared Search bar type in VideoMemorySize and hit Enter to get redirected to the correct setting.
  6. Change <Type>1</Type> to <Type>0</Type> so it will look like this:

    NOTE: if Type is already set to 0, proceed to the next method.

  7. Close the file and Save it to apply changes.

  8. Launch Linux virtual machine.

Method 2

  1. Launch Manjaro and open Command Line to change kernel startup parameters.

  2. Enter the following commands:



  3. Boot Manjaro from the main menu

Method 3

  1. Launch Manjaro and load to the point where you see black screen.
  2. On Mac menu bar find Parallels Desktop logo    > Devices > Keyboard > choose Ctrl+Alt+F2 from the list to open an additional virtual Terminal.

  3. Enter credentials for Manjaro, then proceed with the following command to remove the incorrect X-server config and DDX-driver vesafb:

    sudo mhwd -r pci video-vesa
  4. Return to the primary Terminal by going to on Mac menu bar find Parallels Desktop logo    > Devices > Keyboard > choose Ctrl+Alt+F1 this time.

    Wait for X-server to auto-restart, it may take several seconds.

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