Unable to start Linux virtual machine after upgrading/updating

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After upgrading to Parallels Desktop 15 from earlier versions, and then installing Linux updates or upgrading from the previous Linux versions, the virtual machine starts with a black screen or freezes during startup.


Linux graphics shell malfunction.


The following solution applies only if you upgraded to Parallels Desktop 15 from earlier versions, then upgraded Linux from the previous version or installed recent Linux updates when Parallels Tools have not been installed yet.

If the scenario is different or you have got earlier versions of Parallels Desktop, please reach out to our Support Team.

Switch Linux machine to VirtIO GPU video adapter newly introduced in Parallels Desktop 15.

  1. Shut down Linux machine to be able to edit configuration settings.
  2. Find its .pvm bundle on the Mac.
  3. Right click (double tap) on .pvm bundle > select Show Package Contents > right click (double tap) on config.pvs file > select Open With > TextEdit.app.
  4. In the opened TextEdit window press CMD + F to get the access to the Search bar.

  5. In the appeared Search bar type in VideoMemorySize and hit Enter to get redirected to the correct setting.
  6. Change <Type>0</Type> to <Type>1</Type> so it will look like this:


    Video adapter type - Parallels.

    <Video VideoMemorySize_patch="1" dyn_lists="">

    Video adapter type - VirtIO GPU.

    <Video VideoMemorySize_patch="1" dyn_lists="">

  7. Save the file before closing it.

  8. Launch Linux virtual machine.

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