Failed to copy RASInstaller*.msi

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Cannot install-push RAS Agents remotely from RAS Console.



Below you can find most probable solutions for such issue :

1. Check with Telnet client from Source(where RAS Console is installed) to Remote(where you want to push an agent) ports 135 and 445 and UAC is disabled.

2. Make sure that you run RAS Console with local Admin Permissions.

3. If during installation process RAS Console is asking about additional credentials, you have to make sure that your credentials have local Admin Rights on the Remote workstation.

4. Sometimes RASInstaller can be missed or renamed in ( C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\ApplicationServer ) folder. If there is no RASInstaller.msi file, you have to add the installer manually. The required RASInstaller.msi file can be found in the same location but on the different servers(e.g Gateway, Publishing Agent).

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