Parallels RAS Management Portal

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Version 17 introduces the Parallels RAS Management Portal. This HTML5 browser-based application lets you manage Parallels RAS. Its functionality is limited to helpdesk-related tasks. Note that the new Parallels RAS Management Portal does not replace the standard Parallels RAS Consoleyou will still manage your Parallels RAS farms using the standard console.

The Parallels RAS Management Portal is intended for the following user categories:

A helpdesk professional typically deals with issues brought up by end users (employees). In such support scenarios, helpdesk staff should be able to quickly locate relevant information about the user. In addition, the helpdesk representative should be able to easily assess the health of the Parallels RAS infrastructure.

Using the Parallels RAS Management Portal, a helpdesk representative can easily find information about a user and perform management tasks as follows:

The Parallels RAS infrastructure health information available in the RAS Management Portal includes the following:

Read on to learn how to install and use the Parallels RAS Management Portal to perform helpdesk-related tasks.


The Web Administration Service behind the Parallels RAS Management Portal must be installed on the server where you have RAS Connection Broker installed. The console itself can run in any modern web browser with HTML5 support.

Before installing the web service, make sure that your Windows server has the following updates installed:

Newer versions of Windows Server do not require any specific updates.

The web service listens to web requests on the following ports by default. If needed, ports can be changed via configuration as described in KB 124701.


To use the Parallels RAS Management Portal, you need to install RAS Web Administration Service on the server where you have RAS Connection Broker installed. Once the service is installed, you can begin using the console immediately.

To install RAS Web Administration Service:

  1. Run the Parallels RAS installer (the same one you use to install other Parallels RAS components) on the server where RAS Connection Broker is running.
  2. On the Select Installation Type page, select Custom.
  3. On the next page, select to install the Parallels RAS Web Administration Service component.
  4. Click Next and follow the onscreen instructions.

User permissions

To allow access to Parallels RAS Management Portal features, a user (e.g. a helpdesk representative) must have sufficient rights. When creating a new user in Parallels RAS, use the Power Administrator or Custom Administrator role and grant the user the following permissions:

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