(HTML5Gateway) The connection was ended because of a network error.

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The following error message appears during the opening a published resource in a web browser with Remote Application Server HTML(RAS HTML5):

"The connection was ended because of a network error. Please try to connecting to a remote computer again. (0x87650000) "


 The WebSocket header is blocked by a hardware/software router or firewall. A debug console shows the next entry:

It's possible to verify by opening a published application or remote desktop and pressing in a browser F12> Network tab> WS> RDP.


In order to solve the issue, filtering rules for WebSockets must be enabled on your Firewall.

RAS HTML5 uses the next protocols: WS, WSS, HTTP/1.1

NOTE: Using WS does not mean that a connection is not secure. RAS HTML5 always redirects WS/HTTP to WSS/HTTPS.

When filtering rules are enabled the code '404' will change to '101' and 'Response Headers' will contain a hash.

See the screenshot below:

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