Published apps are not launching from the HTML5 due to the websocket errors

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The following error message appears while launching a published resource in from the Parallels RAS HTML5 portal:

"The connection was ended because of a network error. Please try to connecting to a remote computer again. (0x87650000)"


 The WebSocket header is blocked by a hardware/software router or firewall. A debug console will show the following:

To verify the symptom, when the error occurs, hit  F12 > Network tab > WS > RDP


The filtering rules and settings, responsible for WebSockets must be enabled on the Firewall in use.

Parallels RAS HTML5 using  the following protocols: WS, WSS, HTTP/1.1

NOTE: Using WS does not mean that a connection is not secure. RAS HTML5 always redirects WS/HTTP to WSS/HTTPS.

Once the filtering rules are enabled the code '404' will change to '101' and 'Response Headers' will contain a hash, as on the screenshot below:

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