Windows 7 virtual machine encrypted with McAfee Drive Encryption displays fatal error 0xEE020006 upon start

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Windows 7 virtual machine encrypted with the McAfee Drive Encryption software starts with a following error:



1. Shut down the virtual machine by clicking the top Mac menu Actions tab > Shut Down. If it the button is grayed out or doesn't react, click Actions Stop.  In case nothing helps to shut down Windows, try terminating the virtual machine process but don't just close the virtual machine window - this way Windows will switch to sleep mode and you won't be able to change the virtual machine configuration.


If Mac doesn't react to anything within 10-15 minutes, hard reset it.


2. Open virtual machine's configuration > Hardware tab > Hard Disk > expand "Advanced Settings" and change the location from SATA to IDE (use the same port, e.g. if you have SATA 0:1 change it to IDE 0:1).

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