The printing doesn’t occur because a shared printer sends a print job to a wrong tray, thus repors the tray is empty.

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I have a printer with several paper trays connected to my Mac and used as a shared printer for a Windows virtual machine.

When I try printing on Windows side I get an error message saying there's not enough paper.


In order to print from Windows side you need to switch the paper tray:

1) While in the document that you need to print, press Ctrl+P and click on Properties

2) Switch to Paper/Quality tab and change Paper source to Tray 1 or Tray 2 depending on which really contains paper in your printer

In case it didn't help, try another solution:

  1. Open Safari and follow this link  http://localhost:631/printers/ . The browser will show page. If it won't, open Terminal (Finder - Applications - Utilities - Terminal) and execute the following command in it: cupsctl WebInterface=yes   Then refresh the browser page
  2. Choose the printer that needs to be set up.
  3. Find Administration drop-box and choose Set Default Options.
  4. Change Paper source to Tray 2
  5. Click Set Default Options.

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