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Parallels Desktop Business Edition Ticket Severity

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition


Severity level indicates the relative impact of an issue on customer’s systems or business processes. Parallels support uses the following severity level definitions to classify requests regarding Parallels Desktop Business Edition:

  • Severity 1 (Urgent): A customer is unable to install and run the software because of problems with a license key, the computer (server) fails to start, or the software crashes and corrupts data. No workaround or immediate solution is available.

  • Severity 2 (High): A customer is unable to install and use a program component or a feature described in the documentation. A temporary workaround may be available as Parallels attempts to resolve the issue.

  • Severity 3 (Normal): A customer is able to use the software; however, there is a partial non-critical loss of functionality of the software.

  • Severity 4 (Enhancement): A customer encountered a minor cosmetic issue, errors in the documentation, or asks for information about software usage, enhancements, or modifications.

Guaranteed response time

Prompt responses to your questions are our top priority. We are committed to delivering worldwide support around the clock with the following guaranteed response times:

  • Severity 1 requests: 4 hours;
  • Severity 2 requests: 8 hours;
  • Severity 3 requests: 12 hours;
  • Severity 4 requests: 24 hours.


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