How to Secure an OSD Task Sequence with a Password

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This article describes how to Secure an OSD Task Sequence with a password. This feature is available since Parallels Mac Management v7.2.

Securing a Task Sequence with a Password 

  1. Right click on a Task Sequence >  Edit OS X Task Sequence


Edit OS X Task Sequence


2. Add "Set Variables" step and name it "Set Password" (or use any other convenient name).



3. Clck Add Variable button and add OSDPassword variable. Select the Secret Value option.

4. Add Execute Script step and name it Check Password (or use any other convenient name).

5. Open the attached file and paste the script that it contains into the Script area of Task Sequence step.​​​​​​



Prompting for Password when Task Sequence is Executing

  1. During the Task Sequence execution, the dialog will open asking the user to enter a password.


2. If the user enters a correct password, the Task Sequence will continue executing.

3. If the user enters an incorrect password, the "Check Password" step fails and the Task Sequence stops executing. 


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