Apple Facetime HD Camera (or Apple Bluetooth controller) driver on Windows

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I have connected Apple FaceTime HD camera (or Apple Bluetooth USB Host controller) directly to my virtual machine (via 'Devices' menu).

Windows now shows that there is no driver installed.


Windows needs drivers for a hardware provided by Apple.


Find Apple's software package and install the drivers from there.

  1. Determine your Mac model (like MacBook Pro 2012)
  2. Find the Bootcamp software package which Apple provides for your model (there may be issues with finding it for 32-bit version of Windows).
  3. Download the package and extract it.
  4. In the resulting folder, search for the device drivers
  5. Facetime HD camera driver is called 'NullDevice' (for some reason). It is in .exe format, you can install it by double-clicking.
  6. Apple Bluetooth Controller driver has a special folder for it. It is installed by going into device manager and choosing manual driver install.
  7. You need to point manual driver installer to the folder where Bluetooth controller drivers are (the one which is inside of what you have unpacked)

When the drivers are installed, Windows should no longer show an exclamation mark near its name and the device should be working fine.

Below are some links to such driver packages:

Please note that this ONLY applies to direct connection. When you share this hardware - you do not need the special drivers - they should already be in Windows.

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