Unable to install legacy OS X virtual machine

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I cannot install one of the old OS X versions in Parallels Desktop. The installation interrupts with the error message.


The codesign certificate of macOS install DVD expired.


First of all, please make sure the version you are trying to install is in the list of supported operating systems.

To set the valid date of the certificate prior its expiration date, follow the instructions below:

  1. Start OS X virtual machine's creation as usual until you reach Name and Location customization screen.
  2. Make sure Customize settings before installation option is checked, then click Create.
  3. In the opened configuration window go to Hardware > Boot Order (if it's not present in the list, scroll down) > unwrap Advanced settings > here you can type in one or several system flags filling in the appropriate value.


  4. Please type in the year value based on the released date of the OS X version you are installing, so it would look somewhat like this.
  5. Close the configuration window and proceed with the installation, following the onscreen instructions.

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