Session takeover doesn’t work

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Sessions redirect doesn't work. Typical case:

Expected results: Session at Windows machine closes, application opens at iPad in the same state;
Actual results: Session at Windows machine isn't affected, new session opens at iPad, user has two RD sessions at RDS host.


  1. Different color depth in connection settings of RAS Clients participating. Default value for Windows Client is 16-bit and 32-bit is for iOS Client, so redirecting wouldn't work, e.g. between iPad and Windows machine .
  2. "Disable session sharing" option ("Publishing" tab - Application properties - "Licensing" tab) enabled. Only applications without this option would be redirected together between clients.


The same color depth should be configured in connection properties of each RAS Client ("Display" tab); usage of Client Policies is advised.

In case of disabled session sharing such a behavior is normal.

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