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Cannot run FileVault 2 Disk Encryption report after upgrading SCCM to version 1702

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After upgrading SCCM to version 1702 it is no longer possible to run FileVault 2 Disk Encryption report.


After upgrading SCCM to version 1702 there are two DataSources in Reporting Service.


In order to fix this behavior one should manually change DataSource which is used for FileVault 2 Disk Encryption report:

  • Navigate to Monitoring - Overview - Reporting - Reports
  • Select FileVault 2 Disk Encryption report from the list of reports;
  • Right click on the report and select Edit in opened context menu - default web browser will be opened prompting for username and password;
  • Provide administrator credentials;
  • Application Run - Security Warning dialog should pop up (if it's not opened at first time because of the error please repeat previous steps again from the beginning);
  • Click Run in opened dialog to download and launch Report Builder application;
  • Wait till Report Builder app will be downloaded and started;
  • In opened FileVault 2 Disk Encryption - Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder: expand Data Sources node in "Report Data" pane;
  • Right click on "DataSource1" and click "Data Source Properties" in opened context menu;
  • On General tab of opened Data Source Properties check which data source is selected. It should look like /ConfigMgr_T15/ {39B693BB-524B-47DF-9FDB-9000C3118E82}
  • Click Browse... button;
  • In opened Select Data Source window double click on /ConfigMgr_/ and select another data source (should look like {5C6358F2-4BB6-4a1b-A16E-8D96795D8602})
  • Click Open button -> "Select Data Source" window will close;
  • Ensure that just added data source selected in "Data Source Properties" dialog and click OK - "Data Source Properties" dialog will be closed;
  • Click Save button;
  • Run report again to verify that the issue is fixed.


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