RAS Performance Monitor requirements/troubleshooting tips

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Requirements for installing RAS Performance Monitor

Troubleshooting tips

Issue #1:

Server is not sending/stopped sending performance data and as result you can't see CPU/Memory usage in Monitoring tab.




Please make sure that RAS Telegraf service is running on the problematic machine and the port TCP 8086 is opened.

NOTE: If you just started the service, please wait for at least 5-10 minutes until RAS Performance Monitor starts displaying updates.

Issue #2:

Monitoring section in RAS Console is not showing any dashboard and throwing an error that the information cannot be displayed.



1) Please make sure that port TCP 3000 is not occupied by some other process. You can verify it by opening localhost:3000 in you web browser. If all is working fine you should be able to see and use the dashboard:


2) Try to reinstall RAS Performance Monitor.

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