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Windows 10 suddenly becomes grayscale

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The issue was fixed in the 13.3.0 update (release notes). Download an update here.


  • I was working in Windows 10 virtual machine (VM) and suddenly it became grayscale
  • I highlighted a text and pressed Cmd+C while working in Windows 10 VM and it became grayscale


Microsoft had introduced a new keyboard shortcut in the recent Windows 10 1709 Fall Creators Update builds, which enables color filter - Ctrl+Win+C:

Parallels Desktop remaps Cmd to both Ctrl and Win buttons to make it possible using Windows keyboard shortcuts. In some situations, this makes Windows apply color filter while you're pressing Cmd+C. Parallels Desktop Engineering team is currently investigating this issue to come up with the resolution.

Disable color filter

Use the following keyboard shortcut to toggle color filter: Fn+Ctrl+Cmd+C

Alternatively, go to Windows Start menu > Settings > Ease of Access > Color & high contrast > disable color filter

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