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Launching an Application / Saving a Connection

This command can be used to:





Key Value Description
Command "LaunchApp" This is a flag to let the application know what the intent is
AppID int The application ID that needs to be launched.
Alias String The Server's alias
ConnType int Connection type can be either


  • 2 : Standard RDP Connection; OR
  • 0 : 2X Connection
ConnMode int The connection mode:Can be one of the following:


  • 0 : Gateway Mode
  • 1 : Direct Mode
  • 2 : Gateway SSL3 : Direct SSL
Server String The server name. Server can be specified by IP or by its local name.
Backup String The secondary server. (depends whether this is set or not)
Port int The port number UserName String
EncPass String Encrypted ('hashed') password. If neither this key nor the “Password” will be set user will be prompted for password when connecting.
SessionID String The Auth Session ID
Connect Boolean  
Save Boolean RAS Web Portal will always set this to 'NO'
Request Page String OPTIONALThe exact Path of the current RAS Web Portal page - from where the application was launched (this is used for IOS, so that the IOS client can redirect the user back to the RAS Web Portal page after closing the application)

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