How to access Windows files from Mac in Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac and above

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Starting from Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac we have redesigned this feature making it more natural - now your virtual machine is available for access in Shared menu as a standalone network computer:


The new feature design brings the following benefits:

Add Windows disks to Favorites

You can easily add Windows disks to Favorites using the following instructions:

  1. Make sure that all Devices and Shared items are enabled in Finder preferences > Sidebar
  2. In Finder open Shared items, locate your virtual machine and connect to it
  3. In Finder open your Mac computer item > drag and drop Windows disk to Favorites

Access Windows disks from Mac Desktop

To have permanent access to Windows disks from Mac desktop make sure that 'Connected servers' item is enabled in Finder preferences > General, locate Windows disk on the Desktop and create an alias using the context menu.

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