External Parallels services and their purpose

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Service Domain Name Purpose
ras.parallels.com Parallels Remote Application Server activation, usage reporting for SPLA model and licensing heartbeat for subscription model. If  access to it is blocked due to geo IP filtering or other restrictions, license will be automatically disabled after 7 days.
Parallels Mac Management activation and usage reporting.
my.parallels.com Current default interface for Parallels My Account.
Old interface for Parallels My Account.
Licensing information in old Parallels My Account interface >  Menu > Subscriptions and Licenses > Corporate Subscriptions
s.parallels.com Browser confirmation emails when you login into Parallels Account from a not confirmed browser.
report.parallels.com Uploading System Reports from Parallels products.


NOTE: Only HTTPS traffic should be allowed for them. Using DNS names is recommended for firewall rules configuration as IP addresses might be changed in future.


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