How to Distribute Adobe CS using Software Distribution Feature of Parallels Mac Management

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Detailed instruction about how to distribute software to Mac OS X computers can be found in the software deployment section of the Parallels Mac Management Administrator guide.

Before creating a software distribution package you should prepare an Adobe deployment package using AAMEE tool from Adobe. AAMEE tool can be downloaded from the following URL:

To create an Adobe distribution package see the CS6 Enterprise Deployment Guide which can be found at the following URL:

Creating an Adobe CS 6 package involves the following basic steps:

  1. Download Adobe CS6 Master Collection and AAMEE.
  2. Copy the Adobe_CS6_Master_Collectuib.dmg file to a Mac and mount it.
  3. Mount and install AAMEE in Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server.
  4. Run AAMEE.
  5. Specify the path to the mounted Adobe_CS6_Master_Collection on the Media and Package Identification pane in AAMEE.
  6. Create an Apple disk image from the Adobe deployment package using the following command:

    hdiutil create -srcfolder <path_to_Adobe_deployment_package> -srcfolder -ov "adobecs6.dmg"
  7. Copy the “.dmg” file to a folder accessible from the Configuration Manager console. When creating a software distribution package, use the folder name and path as the Source folder parameter and the following line as the Command line parameter:


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