How to add a certificate from Configuration Profile to System store in Keychain Access

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  1. Go to Configuration Items in SCCM, right-click on the item containing a required certificate and select Export.
  2. Open the exported .cab file, and retrieve the .xml file from it.
  3. Open the .xml file, and copy the text from Description Text string, excluding the quotation marks.
  4. In browser go to, and paste the quoted text in the upper frame:

  5. Click on Decode button (in UTF-8 format), and copy the outcome.
  6. Create a empty text document, rename it and change it's extension from .txt to .mobileconfig. For example: certificate.mobileconfig
  7. Open it with any text editor (for example Notepad++), and paste the decoded outcome.
  8. In SCCM go to Configuration Items and click on Create Parallels Configuration Item > Mac OSX Configuration Profile from File.
  9. Select the type System and browse to the created .mobileconfig file.
  10. Create and deploy a Configuration Baseline using that Configuration Item.

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