Unable to configure Proxy. Unable to choose HTTP or HTTPS mode

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Unable to configure Parallels Mac Management Proxy.

No option to choose HTTP or HTTPS mode. All are grayed out.

06-07 12:38:27.492 D /pma_isv_proxy_config:21220:4008/ HTTP: MPs = 0, DPs = 1; HTTPS: MPs = 1, DPs = 0
06-07 12:38:27.492 D /pma_isv_proxy_config:21220:4008/ hasCA: 1, pkiMode: 0, http: 0 (There are no management points on this site that allow HTTP connection.), https: 0 (There are no distribution points on this site that allow HTTPS connection.)


Management Point is configured in HTTPS mode while Distribution Point is configured in HTTP mode or vice verse.


To configure Parallels Mac Management Proxy Management and Distribution Points should be configured in the same mode.

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