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Activation of Parallels Mac Management located behind web Proxy

  • Parallels Mac Management 5.0


How to activate Parallels Mac Management located behind web Proxy?


  1. Log into the computer where Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy is installed.
  2. Open the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and navigate to the following key:


    By default, the Parameters subkey does not contain any values. To modify the Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy configuration, you need to add the appropriate values to the Parameters subkey as described in the following section.

  3. Specify the Web Proxy Server Settings:

    If you are using a web proxy server in your organization, you need to specify its settings for Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy to access the Internet. To do so, add the following values to the Parameters subkey:

    NetProxyHostStringProxy server hostname
    NetProxyPortDWORDProxy server port number
    NetProxyUserNameStringUser name to co nnect to the proxy server (if required)
    NetProxyUserPasswordStringUser password (if required)

  4. Open the Services applet (services.msc) and restart Parallels Configuration Manager Proxy service.
  5. Activate Parallels Mac Management following this article.

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