Remote Application Server - Licensing

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This article applies to Parallels RAS version 16 and up to Parallels RAS version 19.

Parallels RAS uses concurrent-user licensing. This means that a given user can establish any number of connections to Parallels RAS as long as the number of users simultaneously accessing Parallels RAS does not exceed the number of available licenses.

Consider the following examples:

The following table shows license consumption by connection type and user rights:

Connection Type User Rights Consumes RAS License
RAS desktop/published application connection Non-admin Yes
RDP desktop/published application connection Non-admin Yes
RAS published application connection Administrator Yes
RAS published desktop connection* Administrator No
Direct or tunneled RDP desktop connection* Administrator No

*Maximum up to two connections of either type per RDSH server.

Prepaid Subscription

You license Parallels RAS with a prepaid subscription, which works as follows:

Grace Period and License Overuse

Grace Period

To ensure uninterrupted Parallels RAS operation, you should renew your subscription before it expires. However, if your subscription does expire, you will be able to continue to run Parallels RAS for a period of 30 days, which should give you enough time to renew your subscription.

License Overuse

Parallels RAS gives you a grace period of 7 days during which time you can connect more users to a farm than your subscription terms specify.
To continue providing access to the increased number of concurrent users, you should purchase more licenses before the grace period is over.
The 7-day grace period can be used again later after you purchase more licenses.

Please note that deactivation may not happen as soon as the license overuse occurs, but it will happen within 1-2 hours.
To re-activate the farm, you have to make sure that the number of concurrent users doesn't exceed the license limit. Parallels RAS performs the validation every 20 minutes.
As soon as it detects that the number of concurrent users is at or below the limit, it will reactive the farm.

For further details, please follow Parallels Remote Application Server Licensing Guide

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